Unleash Your Ebike’s Potential: Upgrade to a Bixell Battery

Looking to get more out of your electric bike? Upgrade to a Bixell battery and experience the difference top-grade performance can make!

Built for Power and Distance:

  • Premium Cells: We use Samsung or LG battery cells, renowned for their quality and extended lifespan. This translates to longer rides and reliable power delivery.
  • Increased Capacity: Enjoy more range on every charge. Our batteries come in various capacities to perfectly suit your riding style and distance needs.
  • Rugged Design: Built to withstand tough conditions, the Bixell battery features a secure holder for a worry-free ride, no matter the terrain.

Simple and Hassle-Free:

  • Universal Compatibility: Our batteries are designed for a drop-in replacement. No need to worry about compatibility issues – simply swap your old battery and enjoy the upgrade!
  • Easy Maintenance: Replacing or using a Bixell battery as backup power is quick and effortless.

Built-in Intelligence:

  • Smart BMS: Our advanced Battery Management System (BMS) optimizes performance and extends the life of your battery by managing discharge cycles.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Ebike:

The Bixell battery is compatible with a wide range of motors, from 48V 200W to powerful 1500W options. Unleash the hidden potential of your ebike and experience exhilarating rides with extended range.

Ready to Upgrade?

Contact Bixell today! We’ll help you find the perfect battery to match your ebike and riding style.

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